How Much Do Micro Link Extensions Cost
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How Much Do Micro Link Extensions Cost?

In recent years, hair extensions have grown in popularity as more people want to add length, color, and volume to their natural hair. With various options available, from clip-in hair extensions to sew-in and micro-link extensions, knowing what to choose can be difficult. This article will help give you a better idea about the cost of micro-link hair extensions.

According to, micro-link extensions are one of the more expensive options available, with prices starting between $600 – $1,200. But, unlike cheaper alternatives like clip-in extensions, they attach using a small bead that can last 2-3 months before needing maintenance visits, and can be reapplied up to a year without damaging your natural hair.


What Are Microlink Hair Extensions?

Microlink hair extensions can come in various lengths and color options, even textures like other types. However, the biggest difference is the application process. Microlinks are attached using silicone microbeads or in some cases, microtubes.

According to, unlike sew-in hair extensions or wigs placed over braided hair, the microlink extensions allow you to expose the natural hair, instead of braiding it tightly to the scalp. This means less tension on the scalp, which many find much more comfortable too.

Microlink hair extensions are becoming very popular because they blend seamlessly with your natural hair when done professionally. You can also care for your hair, wash it, etc. with microlink hair extensions, where other types of hair extensions make it difficult, if not impossible.

How Long Do Micro Link Hair Extensions Last?

Microlinks when cared for can last up to 12 weeks before needing maintenance visits. It’s suggested to schedule visits for reapplying. If you’re not comfortable with washing your own hair with extensions in, you can always come in for a quick wash and style too.

Microlink extensions can last up to a year with regular maintenance visits. It is also recommended to use detangler and avoid tangling or knots in the hair to avoid breakage, which will shorten the life span of your hair extensions.


Micro-Link Hair Extension Cost Factors

The following are some of the various things that affect the price of micro-link hair extensions:

  • Hair Quality: As with any hair extension, higher-quality human hair will always have a higher price tag. However, human hair will also provide the best results and most natural appearance over cheaper synthetic or low-quality hair.
  • Length and Volume: To achieve volume, you’ll require more hair strips, and longer hair will cost more as well.
  • Installation: Based on the hair stylists experience, and the fact micro-link hair extensions are a more complicated application, this also increases the average cost.
  • Maintenance: With micro-link extensions, you can expect to have a regular salon visit around every 2 months to reapply the strips. This is partly from hair growth, so the faster your hair grows the quicker you may require maintenance visits.

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in hair extensions and want a more permanent option, microlink hair extensions may be what you need. They are a popular choice for those looking to enhance the length and volume of hair, without long-term damage. Although not the most affordable, it does last up to three months before needing reapplied.

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