Pre- Condition Hair 

We Strongly recommend that you shampoo the hair extensions before your initial installation.

Follow the steps provided below for best results:

1. Using a large bowl, dilute a sulfate free shampoo in warm water and immerse the hair

2. Separate wefts to expose base and or scalp. Work lather through the hair using fingers to discourage tangling. Repeat for 3 -5  minutes

3. Rinse the hair with luke – warm water until all shampoo is gone and water runs clear

4. Apply conditioner to hair and let sit for 5 minutes then rinse

5. Follow with a water based leave in conditioner and comb through with a wide comb-begin combing at the ends and work up the hair to remove tangles.

If the hair is wavy or curly, a scrunching technique may be used to reinforce the original pattern of the hair.

Maintenance of Virgin Hair Extensions

1. Shampoo bi weekly using

2. Condition and comb with a wide tooth comb or loop brush

3. Use a leave in conditioner

4. Use a light oil to moisturize hair

Important Reminder

Proper hair maintenance is required with this product. Split ends and dryness are common with Virgin Hair. The product needs to be shampooed and conditioned properly in order to the see the lush an vibrancy of virgin hair.