Hair Extension Consultation

A hair extension consultation appointment is a crucial step in the process of getting hair extensions. It allows both the client and the stylist to discuss various aspects and ensure that the desired outcome is achieved. Here is what you might expect during a hair extension consultation:

  1. Client’s Goals and Expectations:
    • You will receive paperwork and a questionnaire to complete prior to your appointment, This will review the health of your hair.
    • During the consultation, the stylist will begin by discussing your goals and expectations. This includes the desired length, volume, and style of the hair extensions.
  2. Hair Type and Condition:
    • The stylist will assess your natural hair type, texture, and overall condition. This helps in determining the most suitable type of hair extensions and the method of attachment.
  3. Hair Extension Types:
    • The stylist will explain the different types of hair extensions available. A recommendation will be made for a specific type of installation based on your hair and lifestyle. Some clients may have more than one type of install at a time to complete the desired look.
  4. Color Matching:
    • Color matching is crucial for a natural look. The stylist will analyze your natural hair color and texture to select extensions that blend seamlessly with your own hair.
  5. Budget and Maintenance:
    • Hair can be provided from the salon or you may bring your own. The cost and amount of hair will be determined at this appointment.
    • Discussion about the budget is important, as different types of hair extensions vary in cost. Additionally, the stylist will explain the maintenance routine required to keep the extensions in good condition.
  6. Installation Process:
    • The stylist will explain the installation process, including the time required and any potential discomfort or aftercare considerations.
    • We will recommend proper tools and products needed to maintain your hair and your hair extensions.
  7. Ask Questions:
    • This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the process, the products being used, or the care instructions for maintaining the extensions.
  8. Book the Appointment:
    • If both you and the stylist are comfortable moving forward, you can book the appointment for the actual installation.

LTBHair offers many different types of hair extensions. I-Tips, Braidelss Weft, Beaded Wefts, Micro Tips, Mirco Braidsew-in , Clip ins and Sew-in weave installation services to help lengthen, thicken & add beauty to your natural hair. Our knowledgeable stylist will also help you maintain healthy hair while wearing your extensions.

LTBHair offers the best hair extension services in the Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria or Scottsdale areas! We provide the best quality hair extension brands available including LTBHairExtensionsDream Catchers,  Babe Hair Extensions , TheHairShop and more brands! *However, you may also bring your own hair for installation if you choose. We offer the following hair extension installation methods. 

I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-Tip Hair Extensions, also known as stick tip, micro ring, micro bead or cold fusion extensions, are applied without heat. method uses small individual hair extension strands that are pre-tipped with a keratin bonding material, which is shaped like a small I. This is a type of semi-permanent hair extension installation method. Read More

Braidless Beaded Weft Sew In Extensions with Silicone Links

A Braidless Weft installation is a technique used to attach hair wefts (strips of hair) to natural hair without the need for traditional braiding. This method offers a more natural and flat look, and it is known for providing flexibility in styling. The weft is attached using a thread method of installation; providing a flat and seamless look and feel to your installation. With this install you are able to wear a variation of styles with more flexibility, unlike a traditional sew in. Braidless sew ins are recommended for short, long and natural hair clients. Read More

Hair Extension Wefts

Hair Extension Wefts are strips of hair that have been sewn or bonded together at the top to create a long, continuous strip of hair. They are used in hair extensions to add length, volume, or color to natural hair. Wefts can be made from a variety of materials, including human hair, synthetic hair, or a blend of the two. Read More

Human Hair Wefts

Human Hair Wefts are made from real human hair. These wefts are designed to add length, volume, and sometimes color to natural hair. They come in various styles, lengths, and textures to suit different preferences and can be applied using different methods, such as sew-in, tape-in, clip-in, or bonding. Read More

Virgin Hair Wefts

Virgin Hair Wefts are made from hair that has not undergone any chemical processing, including dyeing, perming, or bleaching. This hair is in its natural state, and it is often considered high-quality due to its purity and intact cuticle structure. Read More

Synthetic Hair Wefts

Synthetic Hair Wefts are more affordable and require less maintenance. Hairpieces made from synthetic fibers rather than natural human hair. These extensions are designed to add length, volume, or color to natural hair. Synthetic hair has its own set of characteristics and benefits, and it offers an affordable alternative to human hair extensions. Read More

Micro Link Hair Extensions

Micro Link Hair Extensions are the most undetectable and smallest non-glue hair extensions available. It combines the natural hair strands with extension hair strands using tiny copper or aluminum tubes, also known as micro links. Micro Links come with a thin non-split layer of silicone inside them for a better grip and cushioning. Read More

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are a popular type of hair extensions that can be easily attached and removed without the need for professional help. Read More

Sew In Weave Hair Extensions

A full sew-in weave with a closure is a popular method of installing hair extensions for those seeking a protective style. This technique involves braiding the natural hair  into cornrows and then sewing the hair extensions onto the braids using a needle and thread. The result is a seamless, natural-looking hairstyle that can add length, volume, and fullness to the hair. Read More

Sew In Weave With Protective Net

Protective net is used once the hair is corn rowed to reduce tensions from the weight of the weft on the natural hair. It is also used in hair in places where thinning areas or bald spots may be. Read More

Sew In Weave With Swiss Lace Closure

A sew-in weave with a Swiss lace closure is a type of hair extension installation method that involves using a closure piece to cover the natural hair at the crown of the head. A closure is a small hairpiece that is made of lace or silk material and is used to create a natural-looking part or hairline. Read More

Sew In Weave With Protective Braiding Hair

Additional synthetic hair may be installed while braiding the natural hair to add additional support and thickness to the braids; although, not every client may need additional braiding hair. Read More

Sew In Weave With Top Closure

A sew-in weave with a top closure is a type of hair extension installation method that involves using a closure piece to cover the natural hair at the crown of the head. A closure is a small hairpiece that is made of lace or silk material and is used to create a natural-looking part or hairline. Read More


What Are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are individual pieces or tracks of weave hair that are used to install onto or braid into your natural hair to add length or fullness. Hair extension installation methods include clip in, glue on and sew in. Human hair extensions are the best type of hair extension you can buy.

What Is Weave Hair?

Weave hair is a type of hair used for installing hair extensions. Weave hair is sewn onto your natural hair to create length and fullness. Weave hair is usually one long stitched together piece of hair that is wrapped around the head and sewn into braids with thread.  A human hair top piece (hair closure) is usually installed on the crown to cover any tracks.

How Long Does a Sew In Weave Last?

You don’t want to keep your sew in installed any longer than 2-3 months. The reason why is because you will shed a lot of hair in that time frame. Typically you will shed about 80-100 hairs per day. That’s a lot of shed hair in 2-3 months.

The problem is the shed hair doesn’t have anywhere to go because its contained in your twists and braids. All of that hair will stay very close to the roots which will lead to matting. You should re-do your hair every 2-3 months but not to exceed 3 months. Any longer than 3 months will make locks form. The hair will become very tight within that lock and will take much longer to remove the hair extensions when it’s time to get them redone.

Do Sew In Weaves Damage Hair?

No, a sew in weave won’t damage your hair if installed correctly. However, a sew in will damage hair and cause breakage if installed incorrectly. If you want to grow your hair out you should install a full sew in (which means none of your hair is left out) for a complete protective style.

What’s The Best Human Hair for a Sew in Weave?

The best human hair for a sew in weave is Virgin Brazilian hair. Virgin Brazilian hair is not processed through chemical methods and is totally natural. Brazilian hair is becoming more popular in today’s market and is soft, thick and durable. The texture of Brazilian hair is easy to mix with many textures of hair including Caucasian or African American hair.

What Is The Best Type Of Weave For Caucasian Hair?

The best type of weave for Caucasian hair is the Braidless Sew In with micro links (bonding cold fusion). Brazilian human hair is the best type of hair weave for Caucasian hair or thinner hair.

What Is The Best Type Of Weave For African American Hair?

The best type of weave for African American hair is a braided sew in. Brazilian human hair is the best type of hair weave for African American hair or thicker hair.

How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost In Phoenix?

The average cost of hair extensions is Phoenix is about $800 with average prices ranging from $200 all the way up to $1,500 in 2020 depending on a variety of factors.

The following hair installation extensions costs are based on what the average salon in Phoenix charges for hair extensions plus maintenance every 2 to 3 months.

  • Sew In Installation Cost: $100 to $400+
  • Tape In Installation Cost: $200-$800+
  • Fushion Hair Installation Cost: $350-$1000+
  • Beaded Wefts Installation Cost: $400-$1500+

*Disclaimer – This is not an actual quote for your installation. To get an actual estimate of what your hair extensions will cost you will need to schedule a hair extension consultation. Read more about the cost of hair extensions here.

Benefits OF Choosing LTBHair Extensions

Why Choose LTBHair To Install Your Hair Extensions?

  • Highest Quality Hair Extensions: We only use high quality human hair extensions
  • DreamCatchers Certified Installer: Highest quality hair extensions in the world
  • Increase The Length Of Your Hair: Safely add volume, length and thickness to your existing hair to feel more confident and sexy
  • 13+ Years of Experience: LTBHair has over 11 years of experience in installing all different types of hair extensions and sew-in weave extensions
  • Featured In BlackHair Magazine: Our salon was recently featured in a major magazine publication
  • Safest Installation Methods Available: We never use glues, chemicals or heat for our installations to protect your real hair from damage

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Gwen Parker
Gwen Parker
Al cares about hair care. She has been my stylist for many years and I continue to be very satisfied.
Jamara Saah
Jamara Saah
Been coming to Al for 7 years now and it's been wonderful. Many more to come.
Herb Westmoreland III
Herb Westmoreland III
I found Al online and decided to get my loc retwist with her based on reviews. She did not disappoint! Al and her staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and the prices are fair too. Highly recommended!!
Jacqueline Gettings
Jacqueline Gettings
I have been seeing Al for over two years and my hair looks the best it ever has. Al gave me the confidence to wear my hair natural with no relaxer and no color. She taught me about products and how to care for my hair. I have embraced my curls and gray. She is punctual and values my time which is huge. There is nothing worse than spending a half a day at the hair salon. She always takes her time and is meticulous with her shears. I also walk out feeling and looking like a million bucks.
Mildred Hannum
Mildred Hannum
Al, thank you once again for a super haircut. I love it! I always look forward to my appointments and seeing you. You are generous with hair advice, and I always know you care about me. I appreciate that.
Yvette Smith
Yvette Smith
Al is such a caring and loving person. She truly cares for her clients and she shows it by going step by step in the process of making us look beautiful. She explains everything on how to manage our hair before we leave and she listens to our concerns. She is a truly a professional
Irene Valente
Irene Valente
I have been a client at LaToyes Touch of Beauty for about a year now. When I came in initially, my hair was so thin it was almost bald. When I left, I had a full, gorgeous head of hair with the extensions Al Eisha put in! Furthermore, she assured me that with care and maintenance, my natural hair could now grow around the extensions - and they have! I love my hair now😁😁😁
I love the personalize services! Thank you Al 💯💗
Bethany Gerland
Bethany Gerland
I always get the Best service & exactly what I request for my color,cut & style. Cecelia gives Excellent Service & she is Professional as well as providing services that dont take her a lot of time to do because she is Amazing. Cecelia is truly my Hair Angel.
Karla Andreasen
Karla Andreasen
Every time I receive a service here the staff is always pleasant and professional. My service is always perfect.