LTBHair Extension Masterclass



This LTBHair Extensions comprehensive courses covers a range of methods including Tape-In, Beaded Wefts, and I Tip Hair Extensions. Designed for stylists who aspire to elevate their craft and expand their services, our step by step guide provides in-depth knowledge on haircare, installation, and removal. Whether you’re looking to master a new extension technique or boost your earning potential, our courses are tailored to help you succeed.

This Mastery Hair Extension Course E-book has been meticulously crafted by LTBHair Academy to serve as an essential resource in your hair extensions training journey. It offers a comprehensive step-by-step guide on the installation of hair extensions, mirroring the esteemed practices of LTBHair Academy.

This e-book is an ideal starting point for those intrigued by the hair extensions realm but may not be ready to engage in a virtual or hands-on class just yet.

Within the pages of this guide, you’ll discover an comprehensive overview of hair extensions, critical health and safety protocols, detailed customer consultation procedures, and a list of tools and equipment specific to installation methods. What sets our e-book apart are the meticulously detailed step-by-step images and descriptions on both the installation and removal processes of hair extensions.

Additionally, the e-book discusses the topic of placement, which can vary depending on the unique head shape and size of each client, as well as the desired outcome they envision. Also included are answers to some frequently asked questions that clients might pose regarding the extensions.

Included in this e-book is our consultation form template and free hair care guide provided by LTBHair Academy. These resources are invaluable for enhancing your consultation skills, maintaining client records efficiently, and offering expert aftercare advice to your clients.