How Much Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost
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How Much Do Clip-In Hair Extensions Cost?

Are you wondering about the cost of clip-in hair extensions? If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, clip-ins are a great choice. The overall cost varies based on factors such as length and quality, but when it comes to hair extensions clip-ins are a balance between affordable and stylish. 

Hair extensions are an investment, and you often get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean clip-in hair extensions can’t look great just because they are cheaper. Keep reading to learn more about how much clip-in hair extensions cost, and how to determine if their the right option for you.

Factors Affecting Clip-In Extension Costs

As with any type of product, there are many factors that affect the overall price, such as:

  • Quality: The quality of hair extensions is one of the biggest price factors. The higher quality, the longer it should last.
  • Length: This is another large factor as the longer the hair extensions, the more that’s required and the higher the cost of materials will be. 
  • Installation: When it comes to hair extensions, the more complex the installation, the longer it will take and, naturally, the more you will pay. Fortunately, clip-in hair extensions are much faster and more affordable than other types, such as sew-in hair extensions. 

Average Prices for Clip-In Hair Extensions

The cost of clip-in hair extensions vary greatly depending on the type, quality, texture,, and length. According to, the average clip-in hair extension cost ranges between $85 and $600. 

It’s often suggested by hair stylists to match the amount of hair being added with your hair’s current thickness. For example, if you have fine hair, you’ll want to use fewer hair extensions than someone with long, thick hair. 

Choosing the Right Clip-In Extension

When it comes to choosing the best clip-in hair extensions, you want to consider the price factors mentioned above, along with how you want it to look. The most popular is human hair clip-in extensions.

According to, you want to ensure the texture of the hair extension matches your natural hair so it blends seamlessly. Color matching is also important, along with if your hair is wavy, curly, or straight.

However, keep in mind that while clip-in hair extensions are much more affordable than other options, they are often the least permanent. They are designed with small toupee style clips that are sewn into the wefts. A set often includes 6-8 strips of hair. The clips are then snapped into place, repeating this process until the desired look is achieved. 

Clip-in hair extensions are generally worn during the day, and removed before going to bed. 


If you’re looking for a quick and easy hair extension option, clip-in hair extensions are possibly the quickest and most affordable option on the market. They can be installed in a short amount of time, then easily taken out before bed giving you the option of wearing them day to day. 

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