If you are searching Google for “hair colorist“, “hair salons that do color near me” or “hair salons specializing in color near me” or “best hair colorist“, in Phoenix or Scottsdale, LTBHair Salon is the place for you! LTBHair Salon is Phoenix’s premier hair color & highlight salon. Give LTBHair a call today at (602) 518-5691 to schedule your or consultation online.

Hair Color & Highlight Services

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  • Color and Full Highlight
  • Color and Partial Highlight
  • Full Highlight
  • Partial Highlight
  • Toner Services
  • Color Correction Services

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Benefits Of Hair Color

  • Help darken, lighten or tone hair
  • Help provide coverage of gray hair
  • Prevent fading hair
  • Create dimension and help make the hair appear fuller

Despite permanent hair color’s long-lasting benefits, it will eventually need to be reapplied due to new growth. Depending on the base color of your current hair and what color you would like to achieve, we may need to gradually color your hair overtime to achieve your desired look. It’s perfectly fine to think that going from dark hair to platinum blonde can be done in 1 day but in all reality a dramatic color transition like that can take weeks to fully achieve; patience is key with transitions like these.


Every look is different and not all require all-over hair color, this is where highlights can come into play. Hair Highlights are achieved by placing the hair color on different segments of your hair to promote shade, tone and depth.

Styles Of Highlights:

  • Full & Partial Highlights: Hair is weaved with product and foil placement to create highlight dimension with the hair. A full highlight is the entire and a partial is basically from ear to ear. 9/10 clients choose this service.
  • Gray Transitioning: Highlights can also be used when you are transitioning into gray hair to blend in with the natural hair line and make the transition process easy.
  • Ombre: The Ombre style leaves your natural color at the root of your hair and gradually fades into a lighter/highlighted tone towards the bottom of your hair.
  • Balayage: The Balayage technique involves painting your highlights where they will most likely pick up the light, and can also help give tired-looking or withered hair a youthful glow.
  • Lowlights: This is the process of introducing darker tones to your hair while adding depth to your color.
  • Textured Highlights: These types of highlights will incorporate a variety of shades of highlights to create a multi-dimensional type of look.

Most highlights for hair are done with permanent color, but they are much easier to change out than a full-coverage color job.