A Braidless Weft Installation is a technique used to attach hair wefts (strips of hair) to natural hair without the need for traditional braiding. This method offers a more natural and flat look, and it is known for providing flexibility in styling. The weft is attached using a thread method of installation; providing a flat and seamless look and feel to your installation. With this install you are able to wear a variation of styles with more flexibility, unlike a traditional sew in. Braidless sew ins are recommended for short, long and natural hair clients.

  1. Silicone Bead Application:
    • The process begins by using a silicone bead to secure the weft hair extensions to your natural hair. Silicone beads are tiny, lightweight, and comfortable, providing a secure attachment without the need for braiding.
  2. Weft Attachment Using Thread:
    • Instead of braiding, a thread method is employed to secure the weft to the silicone bead and, consequently, to your natural hair. This involves sewing the weft onto the silicone bead, creating a stable connection.
  3. Flat and Seamless Look:
    • The thread method of installation ensures that the weft lies flat against your scalp, creating a seamless and natural look. This can result in a more natural appearance, as the extensions are attached closely to the head.
  4. Flexibility in Styling:
    • One of the advantages of this braidless weft install is the flexibility it offers in terms of styling. Without the bulk of braids, you can wear a variety of styles more easily, and the extensions are likely to be less detectable.
  5. Variation of Styles:
    • The absence of braids or weaving allows for greater flexibility in styling. You can wear your hair in various styles, including updos and ponytails, without the braids being visible.
  6. Suitable for Different Hair Types:
    • This method is recommended for individuals with short, long, or natural hair. Whether you have a shorter length of natural hair or longer locks, the braidless weft install is adaptable to different hair types.
  7. Versatility for Short, Long, and Natural Hair:
    • Braidless sew-ins are versatile and suitable for clients with different hair lengths and textures. Whether your natural hair is short or long, or if you have natural curls, this installation method can be customized to meet your needs.
  8. Comfort and Lightweight:
    • The use of silicone beads and a thread method typically results in a lightweight and comfortable installation. This can contribute to a more pleasant experience for the wearer.