How Much Do V-Light Hair Extensions Cost?
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How Much Do V-Light Hair Extensions Cost?

V-Light hair extensions have become a popular choice for those seeking faster application and potentially less damage than traditional methods.  They utilize ultraviolet light-cured bonding to attach hair strands.  If you’re considering this innovative technique, you’re likely wondering about affordability. 

This article will explore the various factors influencing the cost of V-Light hair extensions and give you a general idea of what to expect.

What Are V-Light Hair Extensions?

V-Light hair extensions are a relatively new method that’s gaining popularity for adding length, volume, or both to your hair. Here’s a breakdown of what they are:

  • Application: Unlike traditional fusion extensions that use heat or glue, V-Light extensions use a special adhesive cured with ultraviolet (UV) light. This method is said to be faster and potentially cause less damage to your natural hair.
  • Hair type: V-Light extensions typically use 100% Remy human hair, similar to many other high-quality extensions. Remy human hair means the hair strands are aligned in the same direction, resulting in a more natural look and less tangling.
  • Benefits: Proponents of V-Light extensions highlight their ease of application compared to traditional methods, potentially less damage to natural hair, and the ability to achieve a natural look.


How Much Do V-Light Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of V-Light hair extensions ranges between $300 and $800, with an average of $500. The cost of V-Light hair extensions can vary depending on several factors:

  • Salon Expertise: Since V-Light extensions are a relatively new technology, salons with experienced stylists trained in the application process may charge more. This expertise helps ensure proper application and minimal damage to your natural hair.
  • Amount of Hair Used: The hair extensions needed depends on your desired outcome. Are you looking for a few strands for highlights or fullness or a full head of hair for dramatic length and volume? Naturally, the more hair used, the higher the cost.
  • Hair Quality: As with other hair extensions, the quality of the hair itself plays a role in price. Remy human hair is generally considered the top tier in terms of quality and longevity and will cost more than synthetic hair.

While a definitive price range is difficult to nail down due to these variations, expect V-Light hair extensions to cost hundreds of dollars generally. Some online retailers offer kits for under  $500, but these may not include hair or application by a professional stylist.

A consultation with a reputable salon experienced in V-Light extensions will provide the most accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

How Long Does V Light Hair Extensions Last?

V-Light hair extensions are advertised to last for up to 2 months with proper care. This is because the extensions are attached to your natural hair, which grows continuously. As your hair grows out, the bonded area will move down the hair shaft, potentially causing matting or looking less natural.

Here’s what affects the lifespan of V-Light extensions:

  • Hair growth rate: Everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. Faster-growing hair will require touch-ups sooner to maintain a seamless look.
  • Maintenance routine: Regular brushing, gentle washing, and using recommended products can help prevent tangles and extend the extensions’ lifespan.
  • Lifestyle habits: Excessive heat styling, chlorine exposure, or rough handling can damage the extensions and shorten their lifespan.

Final Thoughts

V-Light hair extensions offer a potentially faster and less damaging way to achieve luscious locks.  The cost can vary depending on salon expertise, hair quantity, and quality, but generally falls in the hundreds of dollars. While they boast a lifespan of up to 2 months, proper care and maintenance are crucial to maximizing their longevity. 

If you’re looking for a longer-lasting solution, V-Light extensions might not be ideal. However, they could be a great option to explore if you’re open to regular touch-ups and prioritize a faster application process. Remember, a consultation with a reputable salon experienced in V-Light extensions can give you the most personalized advice and cost estimate.