How Much Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Cost
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How Much Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Cost?

Are you looking to get a more permanent hair extension? I-tip extensions are an option, but they can be easier to install than sew-in extensions. I-tip hair extensions work with fine hair, too. This is one reason they’ve become such a trend in recent years, as sew-in extensions are more ideal for people with thick hair. 

Keep reading to learn more about what I-tip extensions are, what they cost and more!

What Are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I-tip hair extensions are known for their “I” shape, but some may refer tot hem as micro-tips, mini-tips or stick tip hair extensions. They are installed by using micro-rings along with a pulling loop using unique hair extension pliers. 

This application method offers secure hold, more of a permanent hair extension and the micro rings come in an assortment of materials from lightweight silicone to copper tubes.

If you have fine hair, a silicone-lined aluminum micro ring may be the better choice, according to

What Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Cost?

According to, the average cost for I-tip hair extensions range between $300 and $900. They are generally sold in bundles of 50 strips or 100 stripes. However, depending on how much length or volume you’re wanting, it can sometimes take 300 or more strips.

The installation process is more complex and time consuming, so it is recommended to search for a hairstylist with experience. This will ensure a high-quality application.

Maintenance visits add to the ongoing cost of hair extensions, and I-tip extensions are no exception. The maintenance can range between $100 to $300 to have them reapplied, assuming they are well cared for and can be reused. 

This brings the total estimated cost for I-tip hair extensions plus 5 maintenance visits a year between $800 to $2,400. This puts them in the middle price range between Clip-in and sew-in hair extensions. 

How Long Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Last?

Like with any type of hair extension, they will last longer when cared for properly. This includes how frequently you have them reapplied. Generally, the faster your hair grows, the sooner you’ll need maintenance visits scheduled. 

If cleaned properly, avoiding chlorine and other damaging factors they can usually be reused at your maintenance visits. When reapplied, the salon will often give the extensions a deep conditioning treatment to rejuvenate them. 

On average, the maintenance visits to have the I-tip hair extensions reapplied are between 2 months to 3 months.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the beauty and integrity of your I-Tip hair extensions requires attention to their reapplication cycle, ideally every three months, to keep up with your hair’s natural growth and prevent matting. By investing in high-quality human hair from LTBHair, you ensure your extensions can be reused for up to a year, offering both longevity and value. Regular maintenance not only preserves the natural look and feel of your extensions but also protects your natural hair. 

Ready to elevate your look with flawless extensions? Call LTBHair today to schedule your appointment and experience the transformation for yourself.