How Much Do Braidless Hair Extensions Cost_
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How Much Do Braidless Hair Extensions Cost?

Are you thinking about rocking some long, luscious locks but braids aren’t your thing? Sew-in hair extensions are a popular choice for adding length and volume without the commitment. But before you dive head first, one thing you might be wondering is: How much will it all cost? Buckle up because we’re about to break down the key things that affect the price tag of braidless sew-in extensions.

What Are the Requirements for Braidless Extensions? 

Traditional sew-in extensions involve braiding your hair down before attaching the weft, which can be uncomfortable and limit scalp breathability. In contrast, braidless sew-in extensions use micro links to attach the weft, offering a gentler alternative with better scalp breathability and comfort. This method also allows for regular washing, which is beneficial for maintaining the health of your hair and scalp.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Minimum hair length: 5 inches is ideal to ensure enough hair for secure attachment.
  • Installation time: Expect around 4 hours for the process.
  • Lifespan: Braidless sew-ins typically last 8 weeks, depending on hair growth.
  • Versatility: With braidless sew-ins, you can still rock ponytails and other hairstyles!

What’s the Average Cost of Braidless Hair Extensions?

According to MHOT, the price tag of braidless sew-in extensions can vary depending on a few factors. Location and stylist experience play a role, with installation costs ranging from $100 to $600. The hair extensions themselves typically come in around $300. Keep in mind that this base price might not include additional services like haircuts, coloring, or other styling needs to achieve your desired look.

What to Consider Before Getting Braidless Hair Extensions

Pros of Braidless Sew-In Hair Extensions:

  • Gentle on Hair: Braidless sew-ins avoid tight braiding and use micro links for attachment, reducing stress on your scalp and natural hair.
  • Versatile and Breathable: This method works on all hair textures and allows for comfortable wear with better breathability for your scalp. You can still style your hair in various ways, including ponytails.
  • Beautiful Blending: Braidless sew-ins create a seamless look that blends perfectly with your natural hair, making it undetectable.
  • Healthy Hair Growth: The loose attachment allows for healthy hair growth underneath the extensions.
  • Reusable Extensions: After removal, the extensions can be reused for another installation, reducing overall cost.
  • Comfort and Freedom: This technique does not require cornrows, eliminating pressure on the scalp while sleeping and allowing for more freedom in styling.

Cons of Braidless Sew-In Hair Extensions:

  • Cost: Braidless sew-in installations can be expensive, ranging from $100 to $600 depending on location and stylist. The hair extensions themselves typically cost around $300.
  • Thin Hair Concerns: This method might not be ideal for very thin hair, as the weight of the extensions could cause breakage or hair loss.
  • Washing Technique: Braidless sew-ins require adjustments to your washing routine. You’ll need to avoid conditioner near the roots to prevent loosening the attachments and shampoo more frequently for scalp health.

Final Thoughts

Braidless sew-in hair extensions offer a tempting path to long, luscious locks without the commitment of braids. They boast numerous advantages, from gentle application and beautiful blending to versatility and breathability. However, the cost can be a significant factor, and those with very thin hair might need to consider alternative methods. 

If you’re ready to embrace gorgeous new hair, weigh the pros and cons, factor in the potential costs, and call LTBHair to determine if braidless sew-ins are the perfect solution for you.